Hacker Games Pro: Aviation

Join the forces of the best hackers in Lithuania

Get ready for the Hacker Games Pro: Aviation

April 28 - April 30, Vilnius Tech Park

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” ― Lao Tzu

How to enhance traveling experience? How to make traveling by plane easier, safe and more comfortable? How aviation companies can use flight data to become more effective? We will seek for the answers to these and more questions during Hacker Games Pro: Aviation.

Hacker Games Pro: Aviation is a 48-hour hackathon, which is dedicated to inspiring creative minds and building technology solutions for the sector of aviation. The winning team will have an opportunity to develop their business idea further with mentors and reach for initial investment.

So, on 28-30 April, join HACKER GAMES PRO: AVIATION, powered by Small Planet Airlines and App in the Air.

We are looking for people who are motivated to solve real problems, with particular interest in the track industry, people who are capable to develop fine products, people who are passionate about innovation and ready to escape from their daily routines.

Every H A C K E R  G A M E S  P R O  has one track. It has corporate leads – leading companies in the industry – related to the track, that not only dedicate their mentors and share they know how. They also delegate their teams to compete with you and their colleagues to join your teams if you take them in.

Your goal is to create a working prototype from scratch, pitch it to the jury and win the ultimate prize.


  • 3-5 working places at Vilnius Tech Park coworking for a period of 3 months, including all the business development infrastructure services and member benefits. Develop your idea.
  • Mentors from the leading corporates in the field for 3 months. Sandbox your idea as you develop it.
  • Crash-course acceleration by StartupHighway.
  • NEW! 3000 EUR prize from App in the Air.

As you claim your prize, you will tell your mentors what are your development KPIs for 3 months. If you reach them, investment from StartupHighway will be yours.

How will everything work?

  • Fill in the form and register;
  • We will screen the candidates to make sure you are PRO enough;
  • If you are selected then you will be invited to the pre-sessions round to polish up your skills in pitching and team management;
  • You come on Friday evening, pitch your idea, form teams and start developing products;
  • Hacker Games Pro is a 48 hours event, so be ready to work ‘till late at night or even overnight We will make sure that you are filled with coffee and have a corner for a nap;
  • Mentors from various professional backgrounds will come to help you in the process, so do not panic if you are stuck with your product;
  • You will have to prepare your final pitch and show your best in front of the Jury on Sunday afternoon. The winners will get it all!

What will you get?

  • Workspace for you and your team with high speed internet;
  • Food and beverages free of charge;
  • Possibility to stay at the workspace overnight;
  • T-Shirt and other nice giveaways;
  • Prizes for the best product developed over the weekend.

You can start talking about it Now!

Hacker Games PRO is the series of hackathons organized by Vilnius Tech Park with support of Startup Lithuania and leading corporate players. Our main goal is to take hackathons to a PRO level by providing all the necessary tools necessary for growth and far greater support for those, who are committed to the development of their product. We seek for new startups and spinoffs being created by cooperation between corporates and startups. Therefore, we also encourage corporate teams to participate and compete.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Monika Poškaitytė – monika@vilniustechpark.com


You will be able to pursue your skills on the topic of Aviation and create a viable product.


All along your way, you will have mentors, who will help you to reach the best results.


If you’ll reach the set KPI’s, you’ll get an investment which will help you to grow your idea faster and better.


Register now. Hacker Games Pro: Aviation are free to take part in. The registration is open until 26th of April.


The greatest mentors at your service.


Martynas Matekonis



Sarunas Legeckas



Darius Zakaitis

Vilnius Tech Park


Mantas Aleksiejevas



Vytautas Kaikaris

Small Planet Airlines


Simonas Bartkus

Small Planet Airlines


Vidas Kaupelis

Small Planet Airlines


Kristijonas Kaikaris

Small Planet Airlines


Bayram Annakov

App in the Air


Jogaila Morkunas

First Coffee


Don't miss a thing!


  • You must create something from scratch.
  • You must present your idea at pitching session on Friday.
  • Friday pitches are limited to 1 minute. A slide or two is welcome.
  • Sunday (final) pitches are limited to 3 mins + 3 mins for Q&A.
  • Only working prototypes will be eligible for awards!


Who can attend?
We encourage all creative minds to join us – developers, designers, engineers, marketers, business developers and others. Please note, only limited number of candidates will be invited to compete in the hackathon.

How much does this cost?
It’s 100% free to take part in Hacker Games Pro.

What should I bring?
Besides motivation and passion, participants should bring a laptop, a charger, and other tools you might need in your creative journey. A toothbrush, sleeping bag, and a change of clothes is recommended should you spend the night at the venue.

How big are the teams?
To take advantage of our diverse community, we encourage you to work with individuals you do not know. Team size is not strictly limited, just do your best to present your idea OR to join one during and right after the pitches!

Should I bring my food?
We will have free food, snacks and drinks, but you can bring your own. Just keep the venue clean and respect others!

Will there be a lounge?
We’ll have a bean bag zone.

Do I have to pitch?
Yes, if you want to work on it and to form a team. If you are bringing just your skills to the event and want to join ideas you’ll be hearing during the pitching session, please at let us know what you are good at whilst registering. In this case, you don’t need to pitch.

Who can compete for prizes?
Only working prototypes will be eligible for awards!

I have a different question. Who can I ask?
Please get in touch with Monika Poškaitytė – monika@vilniustechpark.com


Take a look and don't miss a thing!


Arrive to Vilnius Tech Park and get checked in.


Dinner & Networking

Eat food, share ideas, practice pitches, get to know fellow participants.


Welcome & Speakers

Review agenda and introduce speakers, mentors and organizers.


Presentation on Aviation Product Development

See the presentation on aviation product development.

50 mins

Bayram Annakov Presentation

50 mins

Pitches Start

Participants line up and pitch their ideas.  



Attendees vote for the top pitches.


Form Teams

Teams start forming and discussing ideas.

45 mins

Begin Work

Teams are formed, set up workspace and begin to work.

All night


The yummiest breakfast you ever had on hackathon.


Begin Work

Teams continue working on their product.

2h 30mins


All come for a great lunch!


Check Point

Status reports, call for help.


Coach Meetings

Mentors individually consult teams.



You deserve the dinner.



Finished for the day.

All night


The last breakfast during the Hacker Games Pro.


Begin Work

Teams continue working on their product.

2h 30mins


Lunchy lunch at the lunchiness.


Coach Meetings

Mentors individually consult teams.


Presentation Prep & Tech Check

Final hours of hackathon are focused on the presentation.


Final Presentations

Teams pitch their ideas and answer questions from jury.

1h 15mins

Judging & Awards

Jury evaluate teams and announce winners.


Wrap-up & Dinner

Event is closed, dinner & networking.

El finito


The biggest startup hub in the Baltics and Nordics, located in the XIX century buildings and surrounded by 80000 sq. m. park.

Antakalnio str. 17, Vilnius

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